Monday, June 10, 2013

Beauty Post

Here is a look into my daily makeup/hair routine. 

For school and regular day to day life this is what I put on. I don't put a lot on because if I put all that makeup on during the day, what am I going to wear at night!?

1) My first step is putting on OLAY moisturizer and NEUTROGENA sunscreen.

2) My next step is concealer for the circles under my eyes. I apply SMASHBOX primer first, then MAC concealer. Brush is from Target.

3) Then to smooth out the concealer I use MAYBELLINE powder.

4) No I don't use all of these eyeliners at once. I choose which one I want to use in the morning depending on what I am doing during the day, if I am doing a presentation, or which ever is sharpened. After my eyeliner I use CLINIQUE mascara. The eyeliners include CLINIQUE, RIMMEL in black, RIMMEL in brown and COVERGIRL.

5) After makeup I move on to hair prepping. These three products I use depending on the day. I will use either the MOROCCAN OIl or coconut oil if my hair is dry (the coconut oil should be found at your local drug store). Then I spray some OUIDAD botanical spray if it is second day hair.

6) Before I walk out the door I spray some Rose Water on my face and hair for a little refresher and I use this OUIDAD treatment as an anti-frizz cream.

7) Finally it is lipstick time! So yes to answer your question I almost always have some color on my lips. These include REVLON in red, L'OREAL PARIS is coral, REVLON in orange, REVLON chubby stick, VICTORIA'S SECRET lipgloss, MARK. in burnt orange, VICTORIA's SECRET in pink gloss, and another REVLON chubby stick in pink.

This is my routine, what is yours?
Happy Monday!

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