Thursday, May 09, 2013

Seeing Green

I practically blend in with this background.

I am totally in love with these green pants (which I am "borrowing" from my mom). They are the perfect color for spring and add more style than regular denim jeans. Plus this color is perfect to play around with other colors from a darker green to bright pinks and even blue. I have had to stop myself from wearing these pants everyday because that could be a little weird, right? What piece of clothing are you totally loving?

As for the rest of the outfit: These shoes are a fantastic nude color and shape because they are pointy which supposedly elongates your figure but they also have cutouts on the side which makes them different than other flats. Flats that I am on the hunt for are a pair of colorful flats with a thin strap around the ankle. I think they are totally "major". Then I just added other primary colors that went with the pants. 

It is almost the weekend, only two depending on how you count, maybe one more day!
Happy Thursday!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Pants: EXPRESS (similar)
Shoes: GAP (love)
Shirt: mom's
Bag: NY&CO (lots here)
Jacket: GAP

|Thanks for Reading!|

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