Sunday, May 05, 2013

Revlon Run/Walk For Women 5K

If you can't tell, the girl in the middle of the path running is ME about to cross the finish line. 

Well, ladies and gentlemen over my weekend I had a VERY exciting, and fulfilling event on Saturday at 9:00 in the morning. Actually, my day began at 6:15 as to drive and arrive in New York by 8:00 to sign in for the race. What a morning! It was quite unusual to see the city not bustling and hustling with traffic and such but who wants to get up uber early on a Saturday, I would think no one. 

So, on Saturday I ran my first real race; not a high school track meet or just some fun workout with my twin, but a real race with 20,000+ people. I didn't quite know what to expect, but by the end when I crossed the finish line I was so impressed with myself and everyone participating. (It took me 25 minutes to finish, quite an accomplishment since I was training for 30!) I enjoyed the race so much I CANNOT wait to do another one! I will tell you, at first, it seemed a bit daunting to be running a race with sooo many people and in such a biiiiig city but it was so worth it! Plus I got to see in person OLIVIA WILDE and EMMA STONE, how crazy is that.

Dearies, this 5K was to raise money for a cause many of us have all been affected by: the fight against women's cancer. I, being a woman and having three sisters, a mom, grandma, aunts and many other women near and dear to my heart, this race just made sense for me to join to help raise money for women's cancer. This was a race for myself, and every other women on the planet and it was truly amazing to be part of.  It was great to see in person, all of the people and sponsors who created this event. I also want to express my love and support to all survivors and victims of women's cancers but also all cancers. Hopefully, with this race and many other resources and events we have the power to end these diseases!

In conclusion, I don't think I have ever written such a long post, but this event needed to documented thoroughly, I encourage all of you to sign up for a race no matter the distance. It doesn't matter if you run, walk, skip, jump, or fly (lol) because you are out there trying to make a positive change for the future and who doesn't want that!

Happy Sunday! New outfit post coming up tomorrow!

My fellow friends/runners and I showing off our participation medals! 

Confetti to start us off for the race. 

My number for the 5K.

|Thanks for Reading!| 

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