Friday, May 10, 2013

Final Pictures {From Italy}

Ohhh Venice, you stole my heart.

Venice was definitely my favorite place during my trip to Italy. Just the fact of being surrounded by water everywhere was so serene. I cannot wait to visit again. If you haven't seen my two other posts about Italy click HERE and HERE. Where have you visited lately?

Happy Friday!

This is the closet I got to Paris for now. It looks like a picture of the yeti! 

Flying over the country. 

I loved how vibrant the food markets were.   

Goofy face by one of the owners.  

Stunning architecture.  

So many canals. 


More Pasta!!! 

I could not get enough of the buildings.  

What a balcony. 

Yes, I went on a gondola ride.   

The desserts.... I miss them so much!

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