Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fashion Spotlight {Athletic Wear}

all hats via Urban Outfittersall shorts via Zara, all sneakers via Barneys

For this summer, athletic wear is a big trend to tryout. This trend is actually perfect for summer since summer usually involves lots of walking and sunshine and with a good pair of sneakers, a cap/hat to prevent skin cancer, and a sleek pair of shorts that are fabulous yet totally bearable for the hot weather. This trend is actually very convenient for us ladies because we can be very comfortable yet chic. 

I have some outfit ideas up top. I am definitely mixing colors and prints to get a playful look with a bit of sophistication. The sneakers are definitely my favorite part of the outfit and they are so stunning. When making athletic outfits I would definitely have fun with different prints, but to keep the look together add a basic, neutral, solid colored t-shirt or tank. 

What do you think of this trend? Willing to try it?
Happy Sunday!

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