Thursday, May 30, 2013

Basics 101

I love it when basics come together. 

Just throwing pieces together and it working out perfectly than even you could envision is the highlight of getting dressed. I wanted something that was comfortable, no hard jeans, or constricting leather but it wasn't hot enough for shorts or a skirt. So what to do? Luckily my lovely sister has these harem pants that are super chic for summer/spring wear since they are cropped and light. 

Since I had the pants, I wanted again something soft but definitely not sloppy and I found my snakeskin tank top which you have seen so many times on the blog. I am realizing that I reallllly love snakeskin. It is very luxurious and can add edge or elegance to an outfit depending on how it is styled. 

Next was my denim shirt which is also a major favorite of mine. I was thinking on doing a post on all the ways I have worn my denim shirt (which is an obnoxious amount). Would you like to see that? Then came the statement necklace which I have been really into lately and have been grabbing for it for many of my outfits. I even bought a new on at H&M which you can see from Tuesday's post or on my instagram (@dhope). 

Finally was the shoe. I find that these shoes are soooo stunning but they are soooo uncomfortable to wear that I had to switch to flats very quickly. They definitely have the perfect design for summer but they are really heavy and hard to walk in. Note to self: wear them when I am going to be sitting down a lot. Do you have stunning shoes that are rather painful? Oh the woes of fashion. I know, a bit dramatic.

Happy Thursday!

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Pants: OLD NAVY (similar)
Shoes: GAP
Necklace: FOREVER 21 c/o Teen Vogue
Nail Polish: ESSIE and REVLON

|Thanks for Reading!|

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