Friday, April 19, 2013

Traveling Needs

I thought it would be rather appropriate to show you some of my traveling needs since I am out and about and traveling. These are some of the little stuff (besides clothing, shoes and accessories) that I have along with me to make my trip successful. Now here is the list:
1. Anti-Frizz Cream and Rose Water-This anti-frizz cream is actually a conditioner that doubles as a frizz cream and it is the perfect travel size. Then of course some rose water to keep my skin hydrated.
2. Iphone and Earplugs- Do I need to explain.
3. Wallet- My 3.1 Phillip Lim wallet fits all that I need.
4. Mini Notebook and Pen- I just love this London inspired notebook that my sister bought for me. It holds any loose papers and any notes that needs to be written down.
5. Sunglasses- These RAY-BAN Aviator sunglasses I take everywhere with me. 
6. Advil and cute little reminders- A stash of Advil should always be available and these cute little things I just need to have. The Babushka is a lipstick and the little doll is a Guatemalan Worry Doll. 
7. Lipstick and Chap stick- My favorite color and moisturizer are great for my lips.
8. Bandaids and Hair tie- Safety first.
9. Sim Card- Extra one incase the first one fills up.
10. Little Snack- These are calcium supplements in the form of chocolate, perfect for before lunch of as a quick snack.
11. Small Crossbody Bag- My new H&M bag fits almost all of these things.
12. Makeup- I love this makeup case my sister bought for me and it holds my daily makeup routine including:
                     brushes by FLIRT!, tinted moisturizer (for night) by SEPHORA, concealer by MAC, mascara by  
                     CLINIQUE, brown eyeliner by CLINIQUE, primer by SMASHBOX, tweezers, and sun tan lotion from 
                     the dermatologist. 

What do you always carry with you? 
Happy Friday!

|Thanks for Reading!|

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