Sunday, April 07, 2013

Guest Feature: Little Sister!

Special Surprise: My little sister Olivia wanted to do some posing for the blog!

Well, she is only little age wise because she is a whole six inches taller than me-she is 5'7". Yeah, I am looking up when talking to her. She has legs that are miles long and can wear any long dress I wish that I could. She has quite different hair than my twin and I: Olivia has light brown, straight/wavy hair while I have dark, curly hair. 

And does that shirt look familiar? It should because it is from my wardrobe. One of the best things about having sisters is besides them always being there, their closets are always there too! We always borrow clothes from each other which triples our clothing options. She went for  a casual, cool look with the feathered shirt and oxford shoes. 

I am so glad she took pictures!
Happy Sunday!

photos by me

|The Outfit|
Shoes: AE

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