Friday, April 26, 2013

DC Diary {2013}

Here you have three of the six ladies in my family. Yes there are a lot of women in my family-and here is a picture of my beautiful mother and sister!

These are the last few pictures form my trip! Tomorrow or Sunday I will show you my dinner and then we will be back to outfit posts and other such fashion events. Do you like the pictures from my trips? I am going to put little captions on all of the pictures. Have a great day!

Happy Weekend!

It was a shocker and a thrill to find that I took this picture in the middle of the road (I was crossing the street) and to see there were no cars well, . . . almost no cars. 

The scenery was sooo gorgeous and it was surreal to feel the history of this place all around you. Just think, our founding fathers could have stood exactly where I stood!?

What an amazing and picturesque background for a picture with my twinny. The fountains were stunning. 

Here is some more art work, the tasty cupcake shop, A The Great Gatsby inspiration store, and some whimsical trees that look like they came out of a fairy tale. 
My mom just loved these cute, old looking doors that she thought it was perfect for a photo.

Last bit of scenery and an interpretation of "The Thinker"-creative!

photos by me and my family

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