Sunday, March 03, 2013

Varsity Letter

Let's get sporty . . .

With clothes that is! Actually I was a sports girl when I was younger; I did soccer, softball, tennis, basketball, a little swimming (like twice) and lots of running around. My dad is a big sports guy so he introduced me to all the sports that were available. It was really fun because he would coach most of my teams and we would just run around and try to do the stuff he said. My main sport was soccer and was even the JV captain for two years. But for now, I just stick to running and yoga to stay fit.

Back to the jackets: they have made quite a trend this season and I thought I should give you some ideas on how to do it if you are a little hesitant. I will be "sporting" a real, vintage varsity jacket [curtsy of my dad's closet ;) . . .] and I will show you my own results, but here are some ideas. Basically, you need to treat it as a regular jacket like a leather jacket or blazer.  I would make your usual outfit then just throw this bad boy on and see how it goes. But for some ideas: you could do black skinny jeans, a graphic tee, fur vest, then the jacket or a long pleated skirt, knit sweater and the jacket or a girly printed dress and the jacket. Plus I have pictures of how three other ladies wore their jackets. 

Are you going to try this trend? Let me know if you do!
Happy Sunday!

1. Denim and leather varsity jacket from TOPSHOP.
2. "K" white and black varsity jacket by Karl from NET-A-PORTER.
3. "B" maroon varsity from TOPSHOP.
4. Orange and black varsity jacket from FOREVER 21.
5. Black varsity jacket from TOPSHOP. 
6. Star varsity jacket from FOREVER 21.

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