Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Time

I wish the weather felt like spring and if it did this is what I would be wearing. 

Now you haven't seen my arms in a while have you. They have been layered with jackets, long sleeves and anything else that was worth putting on to stay warm. But don't get too excited because these were taken last week the ONE day we had nice weather-temperatures up in the high 50s, whoop! Now it is back to cold, but in an effort to awaken spring I am showing you these-it is suppose to snow tonight, but it is worth a try. 

The reason I dressed in some of the brightest colors I owned was because I was trying to not be so down-my wonderful dog, Jake passed away last week. I have one set of pictures with him in them and I will show them to you when I am ready. He will be missed!

As for the outfit: orange is the in color for spring! You better start picking pieces out in orange. I happen to love orange so I am pretty prepared, but to always stay on top of my game I purchased an orange lipstick by L'OREAL PARIS called "Fiery Veil" and I love it, a staple for spring. Then I added some of my favorite basics such as a white tee and this old, textured vest that I have had for ever and still find use in it. Now that is investing. 

Happy Thursday! Think springy thoughts my friends!

This is what my face looks like when a basketball comes hurtling towards you during pictures.
Thanks to my little sister. 

photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Pants: EXPRESS (here)
Shirt: GAP (here)
Vest: FOREVER 21 (here)
Bag: MIMI BOUTIQUE (here are some ideas)
Lipstick: L'OREAL PARIS "fiery veil"(here)

|Thanks for reading!|

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