Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sneaker Outfit

This is what spring brings me, snow and sneakers. 

They have come out to play once again-well actually I had no other option than to wear sneakers because there was melting snow everywhere. I then layered my vest and leather jacket plus camo pants and just a little more color with a pink scarf. My overall outfit was super comfy and pretty warm. Lately, all I want is to be comfortable because I am tired of the cold so I just want sweatpants, but 
no-can-do now can we. Hopefully inspiration will come soon and by that I mean spring. 

Happy Wednesday!

photos by Olivia

|The Outfit|
Pants: sister's (here)
Shoes: ADIDAS (here)
Vest: GAP 
Jacket: H&M (here)
Scarf: vintage (here)

|Thanks for Reading!|

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