Sunday, March 24, 2013

Insta Update-Teen Vogue Party Pics


Instead of showing you all of my Instagram pictures of this month (I will at the end of the month), to prep for the pictures from my Teen Vogue It Girls party, I am showing the pictures I took via Instagram-you can always find me @dhope. 

(From the pictures above)
1. Teen Vogue Collector's issue curtesy of Teen Vogue and lots of other magazines.
2. Get the party started with music!
3. Mini closet for our photo shoots. 
4. Goodie bag filled with goodies curtesy of Teen Vogue

4. MACAROONS! Finally found a local store that makes them! If you are in the New Jersey area the bakery is Petit Paris and the address is 10 Church Street, Montclair. 

5. My ombre-fied nails for a pop of color for the black and white photo shoot.
6. Decorations-seashells with Teen Vogue Lipstick and Rimmel Mascara curtesy of Teen Vogue.
7. Coral L'Oreal Paris lipstick.
8. Bracelet making-here is what we MADE.

9. All of the wonderful items from Teen Vogue, Big Star, Rimmel, and Forever 21.

10. California outfit with neon orange Big Star shorts.
11. Another picture of my L'Oreal Paris lipstick.
12. Teen Vogue pamphlet. 
13. Kisses from me with my Forever 21 sunglasses curtesy of Teen Vogue.

14. Getting ready with Rimmel Mascara c/o Teen Vogue.

15. Umbrella and beach chair for my California themed photo shoot.
16. Nail polish mania.
17. Makeup and hair ready!
18. Huge box from Teen Vogue.

19. Selfie with my Teen Vogue poster

20. Black and white cookie for my black and white themed night!
21. Full body picture of my outfit.
22. It was my friend's b-day that night.
23. Tribal necklace from Forever 21 c/o of Teen Vogue.

What do you think of my night!? These are only the beginning of my pictures and I cannot wait to show you the photo shoots. I have some great posts coming up this week, stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!

|Thanks for Reading!|

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