Monday, March 11, 2013

Casually Dapper x Warby Parker.

WARBY PARKER sunglasses can be styled with a variety of sunglasses-from glam, to rocker, preppy, to business they have a pair for each outfit. These are just some ideas for outfits with their stunning sunglasses. You can get a pair at

We also have an endless supply for eyeglasses! There are so man, you could wear two different ones on one day. Glasses really are a perfect accessory and they save your eyes from getting dried due to contacts when you have late night events. Yes ladies you can wear these puppies for formal party occasions too. Now we have a guest post by Kaki Read: Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker. She has asked to create a post especially for Casually Dapper and I love what she is saying! 
See her post below: (!)

Inspirational or what? Always dress to reflect you my lovelies. I hope you enjoyed this collaboration because I did. I would like to greatly thank Kaki for reaching out to me and for starting this collaboration. And also to my photographer/twin who made some outfits for this post too! 
Which outfit plus glasses pair is you favorite? 

Happy Monday!

p.s my Paris Fashion week will be posted soon and new outfit post tomorrow!

|Thanks for Reading!| 

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